Laguna Hills : Hai Master Kitchen (Chinese food)

Happy Chinese New Year!!

My mom wanted to get the family together for the Year of the Dog, and my sister recommended a different place about 10 minutes away. Unfortunately, that place was closed for the New Year, so I yelped this place. It’s located in a little strip mall with a 7-Eleven, and across the street from the DMV.

It’s a tiny restaurant, and this place isn’t the best in communication. In fact, the young lady who helped us really needs to learn English. She’s pronounced chives as “shives” which sounded like shrimp, so our pork and shrimp dumplings were really pork and chives. Whatever.

We ordered 1 steamed dumplings, 2 pan fried dumplings, beef roll, pancakes, eggplant, and kung pao chicken.

Food is above average. We’ve had worse. They claim their food has NO MSG. The steamed pork dumpling (Xiao long bao) wasn’t piping hot, which even Stephen noticed. And, no, its not like Din Tai Fung, so don’t expect those little pillows of heaven. Granted, its not as expensive as DTF either. Overall, its not bad, but don’t expect super gourmet Chinese. Think… going to your Auntie’s house and getting home style cooking. Would I go back here? Yeah, I would if I didn’t want to drive to Irvine.

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