Victorville, CA: Cracker Barrel

It’s a Cracker Barrel. You come here for the inexpensive, brown or yellow food. There’s not a whole lot of food that’s considered fresh and healthy. Even their green beans are cooked with bacon, and limp like a can.

img_2542 The good part is I don’t have to drive to Arizona or Nevada for Cracker Barrel, as Victorville becomes the first California town to have one of its own. People claim that Lakewood, Ca had a “Cracker Barrel” with the porch logo, but the company claims that was never their restaurant.

As of February 2018 you can’t put yourself on the online wait list yet. I am guessing its still too new. We arrived at 7:45 am on a Sunday, and were quoted 45 minutes but in actuality we were called within 20. The prices are a few bucks higher than the other locations, maybe because its Calfornia, or maybe because its Victorville… I noticed most of the eateries in Victorville jacks up their prices.

The food is comfort food, and they make great breakfast.  I always get the same food: 2 eggs, pork chop, hashbrown casserole, my grits (mmmm grits!) and biscuits with country gravy.  Karen had pancakes with bacon and eggs.  It’s a lot of food, and keeps me full … sometimes until dinner.

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