Fullerton: CrepesBonaparte is officially open! (@CrepesBonaparte)

On Thursday, March 1st, Crepes Bonaparte had their grand opening celebration.  From 5:00 to 9:00 pm, they were giving away a free Nutella crepe to anyone who stopped by.  Free crepe! Of course I’ll stop by… as did a whole bunch of other fans of this food truck.

Karen arrived at 5:05, and I arrived about 10 minutes after she did, and the line was already out the door.  It moved quickly, and we were inside within 15 minutes.  In addition to the free Nutella crepe, the restaurant was serving up their full menu. Owner Christian Murcia was cranking out the crepes as fast as he could, while his wife Danielle was personally delivering them to the dine-in customers.

In addition to our free crepe, Karen had her favorite, the Hazelberryana (Nutella crepe stuffed with banana and strawberry), while I had the ham and cheese.  Crepes Bonaparte will be opened late this weekend (until 2 am!), but do check their website to see what their normal operating hours will be.


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