Seattle: Starbucks Reserve Roastery #StarbucksReserve

Karen and I left Pike Place and went from the “first” Starbucks store to the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery.  Located at 1124 Pike Street, the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery is located in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood.


The new facility takes up 15,000 square feet and offers taste tests of the company’s Reserve coffees. It will acts as the sole supplier of Reserve coffee to all stores in the world that sell it. In addition to Seattle, the second Reserve store is located in Shanghai, China.  Other locations will include Milan, NYC, Tokyo and Chicago.

It is an immersive, dramatic, theatrical expression of our coffee passion, housed in a beautiful space originally designed as a car dealership in the 1920s. Here we offer our finest small-lot coffees—including some available nowhere else—and craft everything from espresso drinks to mixology-inspired cocktails. Seattle also features the first U.S. location for the world-famous Princi Italian bakery and a curated selection of eminently desirable merchandise. It is an enormous source of hometown pride for those of us who call Seattle home.

The Reserve store is more sterile than a neighborhood Starbucks, and probably the mecca for a coffee snob.  I ended up buying a shirt, a thermos, a mug and gift card… setting me back about $80. There’s street parking (an hour cost about $1.75, credit card only) and there are parking garages nearby.  We left about 9:30, and the place was filling up with tour bus people.