Seattle: Pike Place Market

Good morning, Seattle!

It was Karen’s first time in Seattle, so we had to visit the famous Pike Place Market.  In my prior visits, I knew it would be very busy, so we decided to get there by 8:00, before the tourist and tour busses arrived.  We were told to park at the Target store off 2nd street, where you get 2 hours of “free” parking if you purchase $20 worth of stuff.

The Target was across the street from the end of Pike Place, or about a 5 minutes walk to the “first” Starbucks.  The vendors were still setting up their stalls, and even Starbucks had no line.  Early bird really does get the worm here.

Before heading back to Target, we stopped at Post Alley, also home to the Great Gum Wall of Seattle.

There was a Starbucks located inside Target, and we bought a few mugs and our drinks, easily $20 spent.  Our 2 hours of parking was free (and we had 15 minutes to spare).

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