Everett, WA: Funko HQ (@OriginalFunko)

Karen and I collect Funko toys and the new headquarters is located about 40 minutes north of Seattle in the city of Everett, Washington… just a stones throw away from Boeing. After we left the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, we made our way north, stopping halfway in the city of Edmonds for breakfast at the Colonial Pantry.

Everett is a quiet town, and we found the Funko HQ without any problem.  We decided to park at the garage located across the street ($5 if you park from 0-2 hours, or 90 minutes for free if you are a Wells Fargo customer). There’s also street parking for 90-minutes, which we found out was plenty of time.

We arrived about 11:30, and the store was busy, but not packed. The store itself didn’t have a lot of exclusive merchandise, but the store did have a lot of Funko toys, and life sized Pop figures to go with the toys. I spent the first part of my visit just taking photos of the figures, and exploring the store.

There was  a new section where you can build your own Freddy Funko (or Funko monster). I chose to build my own Freddy, and spent a good half hour deciding what kind of Funko I wanted to build… which ended up being an orange and white, caped Space Freddy.

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