Lake Forest, CA: Delicias Peruanas

I was in South County and hankering for some Tallarin Saltado… not the green pesto version, just the “normal” one with chicken or beef. This place popped up on Yelp with decent reviews. It wasn’t easy to find because it’s tucked in a non descript strip mall, behind a Walgreens.


The tiny place is Peruvian family owned. The family is of Japanese ancestry but they were from Peru and have family living there. They’re bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and provide service with a smile. If you’re in a hurry, this is not the place to go. They make the food fresh, so call ahead if you’re in a rush.

Karen and I decided to split the Tallarin Saltado, a Peruvian spaghetti style dish, served with tomatoes, onions, chicken (or beef) cooked in a vinegary soy sauce. Portions are large enough to share. I also added a soup, the Sopa a la minuta, which is a creamy broth with noodles and beef… delicious and comforting. I would have ordered another bowl if I didn’t have the Tallarin. Hot fresh rolls are served while you wait your meal, and they are delicious!! Soft and fluffy.

I can’t really say anything bad about this place. They do close at 8:30, and the last call is at 8:00… so call ahead if you’re trying to get there before kitchen closing. I bookmarked this place for a future visit.