Anaheim, CA: MFK by Aysee (@MFK_Aysee) #MFK

MFK means “Modern Filipino Kitchen” and Aysee is the owner’s grandmother. I have driven by this location multiple times, and never knew it because it really is hidden. It’s near the corner of Magnolia and La Palma, sandwiched behind a convenience store and an Ethiopian restaurant. If you are traveling on La Palma, its the non descript strip mall left of the Lens Crafters parking lot. img_4577

From the outside, you can’t tell if they are open because they have a dark smoked window, and the neon “open” sign wasn’t working.  The restaurant is also small, holding about 10-12 tables. The menu is simple, and has all the favorite, comfort Filipino dishes.

Karen and I decided to share the lumpia shanghai, and she got the Spam and Rice bowl while I debated between the chicken or pork belly adobo…. chef and owner Henry suggested the chicken.  The chicken was very flavorful, but quite honestly, I could have skipped the meat and just had the rice with the adobo sauce.  I really liked that vinegary flavor.

The bowls were filling, and priced decently too.  Dinner for 2 came to under $20.