Hacienda Heights, CA: Hainan Chicken Rice @Cluck2Go

Huzzah!! A Hainan Chicken place that’s not only legit, but saves me from driving to LA for my fix. This tiny restaurant is located in the Rowland Heights area, in a shopping plaza to the right of the 168 Supermarket.

If you can’t wait for one of the handful of tables or limited counter space, you can get the chicken to go. Their specialty is their Hainan Chicken, served a la carte or as a meal with rice, soup and pickles. Portions are generous, and served “almost” boneless.

I had the mixed dark and white meat, which was juicy and tender. Karen had the dark meat only, which honestly looked like my mix, but paid a bit more. She thought the rice was a wee dry and added broth from the soup to revive it. I used the ginger sauce and sweet soy to flavor it, and thought it was perfect… so each to their own.

I used the “soft opening” discount on the Yelp app for 10% savings. Dinner for 2, with 1 tea came to $20 and change. Excellent value, and we left full!