Disneyland: Tiki Room 55th anniversary

Happy 55th Anniversary to the beloved attraction, The enchanted Tiki Room.  On Saturday, June 23rd, to commemorate the anniversary, Disney was selling a park exclusive Tiki Room Funko at both Disneyland and Disney World. My friend Chrissy was going to be out of town, and really wanted one, so I woke up early to get one for her (and for me).

There were 3 locations at Disneyland offering these Funkos: Wonderground Gallery, Disneyana and Adventureland Bazaar.  I had an annual pass, so there was no reason to go to Downtown Disney.  The park opened at 9:00, meaning guests could get in at 8:30, and go straight to Disneyana on Main Street, which is what I did.

I was in the queue about 8:40 and I wasn’t too far back…

The queue took about an hour, and we were allowed 10 Funkos per person… I chose to just buy 4, and then we left for breakfast.  I heard there were plenty left at 10:00 at night.

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