Anaheim, CA: Lamplight Lounge at DCA

In January 2018, Disney California Adventured closed the Paradise Pier section of the park to give it a rebranding called Pixar Pier, where everything is themed with characters from the Pixar movies.  Last weekend, the pier reopened, and in the rebranding was the Lamplight Lounge, formerly the Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto.

Shellie had 3:00 reservations and invited us to check out the Lamplight Lounge.  We were seated in the lower, outside dining area facing the new Incredicoaster.  Shellie and Stephen started off with drinks (I chose a boring Arnold Palmer), before deciding on sharing a bunch of bites from the menu.

The definite item was the Lobster Nachos, which was carried over from the Cove Bar. Unfortunately, the portions shrank from the carry over, and it’s quite the splurge at $20.

In addition, we shared the Carne Asada roll (which was a sushi roll, not a bread roll), the Crispy piggy wings (had a good kick to it), and later added the tuna and crab roll.  While delicious, it was a pricy item for what you got.

Shellie and Stephen ordered other cocktails, before closing out the meal with the donuts with a chocolate and raspberry dipping sauce.  Shellie’s was originally a non alcoholic drink, which she added a shot of vodka to make it an adult cocktail.  Dry ice was added to her drink to make it bubble and fizz, which makes it the most interesting item on the menu.

With our annual pass 15% discount, our total came to $145 with the alcohol.  Considering it was theme park food, it wasn’t bad, and everyone enjoyed the meal.  I’d consider trying other items.

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