Santa Ana: Cali Tacos

I’ve had Cali Tacos bookmarked for the longest time, but hesitate on going because the one on Chapman had the reputation of having poor parking and crowded.  Then, this location at 1631 17th Street opened up, and I took advantage that not too many people knew it was open.


My friend had jury duty, so I made this our lunch place.  This place is hidden in an office park, with plenty of parking at this location. Based on the photos I have seen on yelp, I chose one carne asada Cali taco.

Sandy decided to try the carnitas Cali burrito, in hopes to compare our food.  That may have been a bad mistake. We waited a significantly long time for our food. We are not sure if they forgot about us, or if the carnitas took longer to make.  Five or six patrons who ordered after us received their food, and they were similar items like a taco or burrito.. so we are guessing it’s Sandy’s carnitas that took longer.

The taco was huge, and plenty of meat, vegetables and a huge scoop of guacamole.  For the price ($3 and change) it was worth it. Sandy’s burrito was interesting.. it had fries inside! Plus, it was so large, she took it back to jury duty.

Overall, its a good taco place. Not a whole lot of seating, but at least plenty of parking.

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