Las Vegas: Metallica at T-Mobile Arena #METinVegas

Metallica was playing in Las Vegas the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I was able to get seats through Citibank, in section 19, Row H.  On the night of the event, we arrived at 5:45pm so we could get in line early for merchandise.  Apparently, hundreds of other fans thought the same, but it was still a good tactic as Stephen was able to purchase the shirt he wanted… and we also made new friends (have no clue what their names are) while waiting to get in.

T-Mobile Arena uses Flashtickets, which requires using a mobile app to get in.  Show the Q-code that’s on your app, and then the venue staff person gives you a receipt that shows your seat location. T-Mobile Arena has a merchandise stand when we first walked in (there’s only one entrance, by the way) and escalators leading upstairs to another merch kiosk.  The lines were insane, so we walked around the arena, and then to our section.

There was no opening band, but a DJ and a comedian.  The band didn’t go on stage until almost 9:00 (the ticket said 7:30 pm) but Metallica did play well over 2 hours non stop. It wasn’t just a bunch of guys playing guitar and singing, they incorporated droids and 50 LED cubes that rotated and moved around the stage.  The stage was in the middle of the arena, with Lars, the drummer, rotating at least 4 times during the show, so that his back wasn’t entirely to one section. 

The fans were told to hang onto their ticket stub so we could download the concert for free at  Pretty cool to give to their fans… and I can see why they keep coming back.

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