Happy 90th birthday, Mickey Mouse #Mickey90 #Disneyland

On September 18th, Mickey celebrated his 90th birthday, and there were commemorative items at Disneyland available only that day. So, as foolish as we are, we decided to go to Disneyland on that day, only to find out that pretty much everyone thought of doing the same thing.  The line at 9:00 am to get through security was 50 minutes.. which should be a clue of how busy it was inside.

While we were in line, I mobiled ordered our breakfast for a 10:30 pickup.  Good thing I did, because the wait for food at the Red Tavern was 45 minutes, because everyone wanted the Mickey sipper cup that was only available that day for $24.95 (it came with a fountain drink).

I was not able to Mobile order the sipper cup, but when were were leaving from breakfast, we noticed the line for the cup was short, and decided to go for it.  The link took about 20 minutes, and we got one of the last ones (less than 4 cases left!). So after giving Disney more money, we rode on its a small world, and then went home. It was a long day.

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