Key West, Florida

Our first port was Key West, Florida.  Stephen and I wandered with my parents along the Main Street, while my sister and brother in law went snorkeling or some water activity. There were two goals we had: 1) visit the Southmost point of the United States, and 2) have a famous Key Lime pie.

We took the trolley from the ship to the town center. From there, we casually made our way though Duvall street toward the Southernmost point. We encountered a lot of chickens and roosters along the way!

We finally made it to the end of Duvall street and saw the long line… it was for the Southernmost point icon.  Those who were impatient and didn’t want to stand in line did their best to “cut” in the middle and tried to get a clean selfie with the icon.  We waited about half an hour and asked the person behind us to take some good photos.. and, we took our time getting the perfect shot.

After getting our photo with the Southernmost Point icon, we made our way back up Duvall Street, and found Kermit’s Key Lime pie shop. My mom had the frozen key lime pie on a stick, while Stephen and I shared the signature key lime pie.. and it was delicious! I would make another trip back there just for the pie… it was that tasty!

After a quick stop at the Starbucks next door, we called it a day and took the trolley back to the ship.  That’s our quick afternoon at Key West, Florida.

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