Las Vegas: Shaq’s Big Chicken

We heard Shaquille O’Neil opened a chicken place in Las Vegas. The Big Chicken restaurant is located across from the famous Hofbrauhaus in a strip mall.

We went mid week at around 5:30 pm, so we knew it wasn’t going to be busy. It wasn’t. There was a group of guys eating, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

The menu had sandwiches, chicken tenders and sliders. I chose the 3 tenders with a side of mac and cheese, while Karen had the 2 sliders combo, which came with skinny fries and a drink.

The drink station had the traditional Pepsi sodas, and an independent soda brand machine, and a sauce bar for the food.

The order was made fresh, and brought to our table piping hot. It was tasty but for $27 I expected more. For Shaq sized prices, I expected Shaq sized food. Unfortunately, the tenders were more like chicken worms. Even the fries were bigger. The sliders were normal sized buns, but the chicken was even smaller than the bun. Very disappointing.

I probably won’t go back, unless I had some friends who wanted to check out the joint. Or, maybe next time I’ll try the sandwich. Hopefully that’s more Shaq size.