RIP my little Lulu (Sept 2004- Dec 2019)

In November of 2005, my ex-husband and I were walking with friends at a mall, and decided to pop into a pet store.  I joked to the pet store owner if he would accept a low ball amount for the dog (since she was pretty old for a pet store dog) and he accepted. To everyone’s surprise (especially my friends who were waiting outside the pet store!), we were signing papers for a female Cairn Terrier that looked like a hedgehog.


On Friday, December 6, 2019, Lulu passed away in my home.  She lived a long life of 15 years and 3 months.  She truly had a “forever” home and never knew any other home except the one she lived at.  She was a typical terrier… a stubborn dog, who listened if you bribed her. Overall, not a bad dog, but had her moments of being a “terror”.

She’s not my first pet to pass away, and probably won’t be the last, it’s never easy to lose a pet.  Rest in peace, my little dog.  Your brother Montague misses you, and wonders where you are.

Cross the rainbow bridge and frolic with your sister Coco, and your brothers Daniel, Latte and Clyde. I am sure you’ll meet new friends and get plenty of treats where you’re at.

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