Belated Holiday Greetings

Belated holiday greetings…. 2019 didn’t end quite as happy as I wanted. It’s never easy to lose a pet…and I’ve had 2 dogs, and 3 cats before Lulu passed away. I think it was harder because she passed away in my home, instead of at the vet. img_0987

I did not want Montague to be alone, so a week later I started looking for a new kitten. I filled out adoption papers and found an itty bitty Tortie at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and we named her Penny.

It took about 4 days for Montague to accept Penny, which was quite fast. They’re not completely BFF’s, but they do play with each other, and even groom each other.

Penny has made a positive difference in my home. She’s super curious and has no fear of anything. She loves to snuggle and loves to eat! For a little thing, she eats more than Montague, who outweighs her by 7 pounds. Amazing!

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