We’re heading to Disney World!

We’re off to Disney World!

For my 50th birthday, I wanted to celebrate it at Walt Disney World. My birthday is actually in March, but it’s also Spring Break in Florida… meaning it’s even more crowded than normal.

I found a break in the Ducks hockey schedule in February, and the crowds were not as bad. It would also be Stephen’s first time at WDW, which meant it was even more special seeing it from a newbie’s point of view.

We arrived at MCO just before 4:00, and took the Magical Express to the Port Orleans French Quarter.

Once you are at WDW, you can access everything with the Magic Band, which is worn like a watch. You access your room, pay for purchases, and get park admission with the band. It’s like being on a cruise, where almost everything is cashless.

Our room was in building 4, close to the lobby and transportation center. Our room was facing the garden in the back, so it was extremely quiet. It was a great location.

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