Diamond Bar, CA: Tasty Box

I was craving Hong Kong style food and found a place called Tasty Box in Diamond Bar, California. It’s a tiny place, and it’s primarily a take out restaurant, but there are some tables outside.

They have a limited menu, focusing on roast duck, soy sauce chicken, barbecue pork and stewed beef. They also have crispy roast pork but it’s so limited, most people say it’s sold out real fast.

I didn’t know what to get so the employee said their best item is the roast duck. I got that, along with the barbecue pork over rice. I also added a side of their seasonal vegetable, which was Chinese broccoli, and an iced chrysanthemum tea.

Everything was delicious and inexpensive. Everything was $21 and change, and I have enough food for 2 days! Thumbs up, and I can’t wait to go back.