Renting a Jeep in Sedona @redrockrubiconjeep

Visually, Sedona is stunning. It’s simply mesmerizing to see all the glorious shades of red, brown, tan and gold, especially when it bounces off the sunlight. This is just the view from the road.

When I was doing research in Sedona, I was going to hire a Jeep tour. Then, digging around some more, I found it was more cost effective to rent my own Jeep, and take my time exploring. I found 3 companies on Yelp but selected Red Rock Rubicon Jeep based on the 5 star reviews. The reviews were spot on!

The cost to rent the Jeep was $350 inclusive. There was no hidden fees and gas was included. I could have returned it empty.

The Jeep, named Dru, had all the bells and whistles, from satellite radio, and GPS with the trails programmed in. Kris, the owner, provided a binder with more details about the trails, including a map, and even loaned us an ice chest filled with bottles of water.

I’ve owned 2 Jeeps prior to using Dru, but they were not 4×4. Driving Dru in the city was easy, but once out on the dirt road? It took a few minutes to get used to it.

We chose the “easiest” trail, Ranch Loop. And yes, it was easy and enough to give us confidence to go for more!

After conquering the Loop, we made our way to the Devil’s Bridge Trail. The Jeep was able to bypass the first 2 miles, so I was able to park at the start of the actual trail, which was only 0.8 miles. Even though it’s a short distance, the heat made it seem even longer.

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