Sedona, AZ: Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is a 1.8 mile hike. There’s a 400 foot climb in altitude and is considered moderately difficult. If you have a high clearance vehicle like a 4×4 Jeep, you can bypass 1.3 miles using Dry Creek Road. The unpaved road is not recommended for pedestrians, but people walk it anyway.

We had a late start and arrived at 10:00, not really an ideal time considering the Sedona heat was already in the 80’s. We took our hats, hydro flask of water, and headed up the trail to the unknown.

The hike seemed to take forever, but we continue to push on. The trail was a lot steeper than I anticipated and I just placed one foot in front of the other, looking forward to seeing the Bridge.

Mind you, for veteran hikers, its probably an easy hike. For couch potatoes like us, I believe it took an hour for us to reach the plateau before the bridge. The view from the plateau was beautiful.

The last part of the trail was the steepest, but worth the hike. We made it to the Devil’s Bridge!!

Heading back wasn’t as bad, but by then it was high noon and the heat was intense. We had to find shade to rest, and by the time we reached the Jeep, we had finished our water.

We decided to head back to the AirBnb to cool off, and to plan the next trail to conquer.

Recap of the morning
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