Sedona, AZ: Outlaw OHV Trail

After hiking Devil’s Bridge, we went back to our air conditioned AirBnB to eat, recharge (literally, my iPhone was toast) and freshen up (ie take a shower).

At 4:00 we decided that it was cool enough outside to hit the road again. The book Kris gave us suggested Outlaw Trail, a 23 mile loop located in the Coconino National Forest that’s lightly traveled, more picturesque than off roading.

The rating for this trail is considered moderate, and a high clearance vehicle is highly recommended. This road also takes you to the Honanki heritage site ruins. The hours are 9:30-3:00, so unfortunately, we left too late.

Since we were the only ones on the trail, we pulled over to take a lot of photos. The afternoon sun was casting just the right amount of shadow, making this very scenic.

We passed the entrance to the Honanki heritage site, and headed back to Sedona and towards Schnebly Hill Road to catch the sunset.

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