Sedona, AZ: Sunset at Schnebly Hill Road

We were told the best place to catch the sunset was at the top of Schnebly Hill. By the time we were done with the Outlaw Trail, it was getting close to 6:00. According to the GPS, it was going to take us about half hour to get to Schnebly Hill to catch the sunset.

Schnebly Hill Road is an 11 mile, bumpy Point-to-Point Trail. The trail is considered moderate, is considered a Jeep road where a high clearance, 4 wheel drive vehicle is strongly recommended.

We took the trail based strictly off the map provided by the rental company. We were told to park at “Merry Go Round” (I believe where the T is on the map). I didn’t know that there was a Vista just a little further up.

The road was very bumpy and our Jeep, Dru took the terrain like a champ.

Going up Schnebly Hill

Even though we didn’t know about the actual vista, the view from the Merry Go Round outlook was still incredible. This is the view we caught at roughly 7:00 pm. Click here to see a video of the sunset.

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