Homemade bagels… seriously good eats!

It’s been about a year since California has officially been placed on limited access due to Covid. During this time many friends have been posting DIY projects including making baked goods.

Likewise, I’ve been binge watching Netflix shows like the Great British Bake Off, and after polishing off 8 seasons worth, I got inspired to bake things. Full disclosure: when I say I have been inspired, it means I buy the stuff and have Stephen make it.

“We” made many British classics like Victoria Sponge Cake, homemade English Sausage Rolls, Rosemary & Cheese Scones, and Irish Soda Bread.

Last week one of my Facebook friends posted he made bagels. Ooohhh they looked delicious!! He said he used the recipe on King Arthur Baking Co and that’s when I decided “we” will try it too.

I had most of the ingredients at home except the non Diastatic Malt Powder, which I purchased from King Arthur directly.

Using the trusty KitchenAid, we followed the recipe to make the dough, and then allow it to rest one hour to proof.

Then, before the second proof, we divided the dough and shaped it.

After the second proof we boiled the dough using the non diastatic malt powder mixture in the recipe. Then baked 20-25 minutes until golden brown.

Our first attempt was tasty but the bagels looked wonky.

The second time we watched a video on how to shape the dough, and it came out even better!! Here’s the Everything and Poppyseed bagels.

Seriously it’s the best thing I’ve ever had!! The whole process took about 4-1/2 hours including the proof time. I don’t think I can do store bought bagels ever again.

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