Anaheim, CA: Touch of Disney

It’s been over a year and Disneyland/ Disney California Adventure (DCA) has been closed due to the pandemic. Finally on March 18, 2021, a glimmer of hope surfaced. Disney was going to have guests enjoy a part of DCA, with limited capacity, with limited dining options and shopping, all for $75.

It sounds terrible, I know, to have to pay for such a limited experience. However, I was willing to pay for the change to visit the Park even though it wasn’t a full experience.

After queuing virtually online for 7 hours, I got tickets for Saturday, April 17, the last weekend. (Note: by the time you read this, Disneyland and DCA will have reopened to California residents in a limited capacity on April 30).

The park was open from 12:00-8:00, but rather than go first thing, we decided to wait an hour to let the crowd die down. There wasn’t any benefits to getting there early, as there was going to be plenty of food for everyone.

Waiting an hour paid off. There was no line in the structure, and no cast member to tell us where to park. We found a VIP spot right near the escalator.

There were no trams to take us to the main entrance. Everyone had to walk from the parking structure which took about 15 minutes.

Once inside, we were given a $25 dining card, a re-entry ticket and a map. We quickly went on the Disney app and chose a few different places to buy food.

The first thing we ordered was Walt’s Chili. Ordering the food was easy. The wait, however, was slow.. it took about 20 minutes to get a small bowl of chili.

We made the second mobile food order which also took about 20 minutes to pick up. This was the chicken gumbo and the beef tenderloin slider.

While waiting for the food, we stopped along the way to pick up a Belgium beer.

We took a breather to take in the sights and took pictures.

Our next stop was the Adorable Snowman for the Lemon Pineapple Swirl Dole Whip which we got in a cup.

Our goal was to stay until park closing, so we wandered around the Hollywood side of the park. The shops were open and there were photopass cast members taking photos.

Our final bites of the day was a Peach Margarita, Mac and Cheese with brisket, and a half size Monte Cristo sandwich.

We ended our visit with the lighting of Radiator Springs. It was a great day despite no attractions were open. I can’t wait for Disneyland and DCA to be fully reopened again!

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