Las Vegas: the Underground @ the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is located in the downtown part of Las Vegas. The museum is located where the old courthouse and post office was in the 1930’s. The courthouse also prosecuted gangsters!

I discovered that under the museum is a Speakeasy and after 5:00 pm it’s open to the public, and it’s free if you know where to go and know the password.

You can get the password on their website or on Instagram. It’s also on a first come basis, so no reservations.

For the month of April, the Underground was celebrating their anniversary with a limited time drink called El Colibrí, made with pineapple shrub, orange juice and Ginger Jake moonshine.

Stephen started the evening with a moonshine flight. We also ordered a charcuterie to share.

Later, Stephen ordered an “Underground” Old Fashioned. He received an empty glass with ice, and some “light reading”.

We had a great time here, and would love to come back again. There’s a $7 parking lot next door or drive around for additional parking.

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