Gatlinburg, TN: Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast Camp @crockettsbreakfastcamp

My friend who lives near Nashville posted a comment on Facebook about this place. After looking at the menu, I knew we had to stop here. Plus, after a 3 hour drive from Nashville, I knew we would be hungry!

There’s always a wait, people said. However if you go on the website, you can add your name to the list. That’s exactly what we did. As we got closer to the restaurant, Stephen added our name. We still had to wait 15-20 minutes for the table.

They’re known for their huge portions, from Cathead Biscuit, Hen Fruit (ie eggs) and sausage, skillet breakfast and their Griddle Cakes.

I chose the Griddle Cakes and a side of bacon. Stephen went for the Hen Fruit and sausage.

If a pancake and a cornbread had a baby, that’s what a Griddle Cake is. They’re massive and I was full all day. Breakfast for 2 before tip came to $30 and change.

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