Gatlinburg, TN: Sugarlands Shine @sugarlandsshine

The inspiration for our visit to Tennessee is a tv show on the Discovery channel called Moonshiners, and a competition show called Master Distiller.

We noticed the competition is set at the Sugarlands Shine in Gatlinburg, so we added the town to our itinerary.

We left Nashville at 6:00 am, as it’s about 3 hours to get to Gatlinburg, and there’s a time zone change in the middle of the state, so we lose an hour to Eastern Time.

Parking in Gatlinburg sucks. Most lots are $20, but you can find some for $10. We found ours by the Crockett’s Camp.

The cost for sampling the moonshine is $5 and you can apply the $5 towards your purchase. While waiting for a tasting table to open up, Stephen noticed that a couple was sampling a higher end rye whiskey called Roaming Man. He commented that according to the website, you had to be on a waitlist to buy, but apparently you can get a tasting?

We went to the front desk and I asked if we could do the premium tasting. They said it was $20 for 3 tastings and yes, they had an available table. Justin was our guide, and he did a great job in demonstrating how to enjoy the product.

We were able to purchase the bottles, but no discounts (such as our $5 wristbands) were applicable. It was $50 for a 375 ml bottle.

After the premium tasting, we also did the $5 tastings. We got 8 tastings of various moonshine. I tried most of the stuff, but the ones towards the end was just too sweet.

We left with some moonshine we can’t find or hard to find on the shelves in California, and we definitely got bottles of the Roaming Man.