Nashville, TN: Loveless Cafe @lovelesscafe

Located about a half hour outside downtown Nashville off the TN-100 is the Loveless Cafe, known for their southern food, especially the biscuits and preserves.

From the outside it appears it used to be a house. After looking up the history, it was indeed a house. In 1951, Lon and Anne Loveless used to sell chicken at picnic tables, and then converted rooms in the house to accommodate more dining guests.

The restaurant is always busy, especially breakfast time. They do take reservations during the week, but we took our chances on Halloween. It’s been my experience that Halloween is the best time to eat out, because everyone is either trick or treating, or at house parties. I was right, we didn’t have to wait for dinner.

Right after ordering, our server brought us their famous biscuits and preserves.

Stephen had the barbecue pulled pork with greens, macaroni and cheese and I had the fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and green beans. For dessert, we shared the banana pudding. Dinner for 2 with drinks and dessert was $49 before tip.

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