Louisville, KY: Old Victorian Airbnb

Since we are traveling cross country from Tennessee to California, we thought it would be easier to occasionally stay at an Airbnb that had a complimentary washer and dryer. This allowed us to pack lighter as well.

The Airbnb we stayed in Louisville was in the “old Victorian” part of the city. It’s also an older home, about 120 year old. The place had lots of charm from the outside brick building to the creaking wooden floors.

I think the owner divided the original house into 2. He took the upstairs as his residence and rented the bottom as part of the Airbnb.

The clue was the master bedroom was in the possible dining room, as there’s a closet but no attached bathroom.

The dining table was placed in the middle of the hallway, in an awkward spot and no where near the kitchen. Ironically the kitchen had plenty of room to accommodate the small table.

Aside from the quirky things about the place, it served its purpose. It’s 5-10 minutes away from the downtown area, freeway close, and parking was free on the street.

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