Frankfort, KY: Buffalo Trace Distillery @buffalotracedistillery

Buffalo Trace is a very popular Bourbon distillery. The tours are free, but you must book them as soon as they go “on sale” because they sell out. There is a waitlist if they run out.

We picked the Trace Tour, which gave us the overall view of the campus, and also gave us a free sample of their products.

When we arrived at 9:30, there was already a line at the parking lot. We found out this line was for the gift store, of people looking to purchase the more difficult items.

Our tour guide Mark gave us the history of the company, and around the campus. The first stop was where they housed the barrels, and the monorail looking thing was how they transported the barrels.

We got to see where they made their barrels, and went inside warehouse D, one of the places they stored barrels.

Finally when the tour ended, we got to taste some products.

As our first visit, we learned a lot about the distillery, and the price couldn’t be better.

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