After a 2 year delay, Norwegian pop group A-ha kicks off N. American Tour in Los Angeles @officialaha

The Norwegian pop band, A-ha is having a 3 night show at the Wiltern Theater in LA, and was kicking off their North American leg of their tour at the Wiltern. Most people in the US will know their hit “Take On Me“, which MTv helped launch their pop icon status. They may be a “one hit” wonder in the States, but they did quite well worldwide, especially in Latin America.

My long time friend texted me back in 2020, asking if I would be her plus one. After I said yes, she then told me it was tickets in the Pit!

The last time Lynette and I saw them in concert was back in either 1985 or 87, when we were in high school, and her mom dropped us off at the now demolished Universal Ampitheater, currently home to Harry Potters Hogswarts. Little did we know that it’ll be 37 years later before we’d get to relive our teenage years.

The last time Lynette and I was at a concert was about 7 years ago, when we saw the short revival of Spandau Ballet and coincidentally, also at the Wiltern!

waiting for the doors to open

Since we were going to be standing in the Pit, we arrived at 5:00, thinking the doors were going to be open at 6:00. There was some sort of miscommunication, as the doors weren’t going to be opened until 7, and the show was at 8. As soon as they let us in through the security check, I made my way to the Pit.

The band came on stage at 8:20, played until roughly 9:00, took a quick break, and then ended their second half around 10:00. Lynette knew the entire set list, while I knew maybe 4 or 5 songs.

They had a quick encore, and we left around 10:20. The average age of the fan was 45 years old, and one even brought his 14 year old daughter to the show.

They announced they’re working on a new project, and they’ll be back in July at the Hollywood Bowl.

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