Yosemite National Park

For years I’ve been wanting to visit Yosemite. Thanks again to the pandemic, we’ve been traveling more within the United States and finally made it to Yosemite.

We invested in the America The Beautiful National Park pass, so our admission was already covered. As of October 2022, it’s $35 per non commercial vehicle to enter the park. During peak season, you’ll need reservations to enter, unless you are staying onsite.

We were staying onsite at the Yosemite Valley Lodge, and stayed in the Cedar building, closest to the lobby.

The room itself is simple. There’s a private bathroom, plenty of towels and storage. The room has central heat but no air conditioning. The Wi-Fi was decent as we were close to the lobby.

They offer a small refrigerator, which held all of our sandwich fixings and drinks, and a pod style coffee maker. We ended up going to the cafeteria to get our morning coffee.

The main selling point is that it’s in the middle of the Valley. From the main entrance to the valley takes 45 minutes. The view from the parking lot was beautiful too.