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Life is too short to be standing still! Follow me as I visit as many places as I can... food, shopping, destinations!! If that destination includes an Anaheim Ducks hockey game? Well, heck, that's even better.

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The Ducks opened the season on the road on October 5th, but the home opener was October 10th against the Edmonton Oiler. We didn’t win, but it was good to watch hockey at home again. The Ducks started off very slow…strugging with the power plays and the penalty […]

Cast Window unveiling at DLR

At the Disneyland’s 50th birthday, Cast members got to see a new window being unveiled. My friend Rebecca got selected to help unveil because her hire date was July 17, 1989… the birth date of Disneyland. Here she is on the left…representing the Cast Members of the 1980s

Greetings from the OC

Its 2005 and this is my first post. Welcome to my blog… and greetings from The OC! A little bit about myself… I’m a So Cal native and don’t plan on leaving Am a season ticket holder for the Mighty Ducks Also a season ticket holder for the Angels […]