I never think of IKEA when I want to go shopping. When I do go to IKEA, I find out that it’s a lot of fun. The merchandise are quirky, and it’s actually very inexpensive. They even have a café which serves very reasonably priced food.

Karen, Sandy, and I decided to go there for dinner today. We did not realize that the café closed at 6 PM, but the bistro did stay open until 9:00 PM.I ordered three orders of the Swedish meatball plates, an order of the butternut squash and apple soup, and a side order of mac and cheese. With three sodas, the total came to $18. What a bargain!

After dinner we roamed around the IKEA store, and I ended up buying an orange carryon suitcase and a matching backpack for $65. Karen and Sandy ended up buying a bunch of knickknacks.

It was a nice way to spend a Thursday evening.

Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy
Mac n Cheese, 20 oz soda, and the Butternut squash and apple soup
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