Skagway, Alaska

Our next stop was Skagway!  We needed to take our passport, as part of our tour was going into Canada.  Our tour started on a bus through Skagway, with a stop at a “pan for gold” activity.  Later, we would end up in the Yukon, where we would switch out of the bus to a train, which would bring us back to Skagway, where our bus driver would take us to an Inn for lunch.

Our bus driver


A time filler for the tourist: Pan for Gold

Welcome to Canasda

Now, on a train back to Skagway

Just like the Salmon Bake lunch in Juneau, the lunch at the Skagway Inn was just as disappointing.  It seems its better to skip the tours with lunch, and just return to the ship.

Menu looked better than it tasted


Pot pie: Cute but tasteless

Rhubarb Crisp
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