Day 2: Viking Var lunch and dinner

After the city tour of Nuremberg, the bus took us to Roth, where we departed from that location toward Regensburg. At 2:00 we went to the dining room for a late lunch, and the menu for day 2 was:

I decided on the soup and the Bavarian Farmers Platter. The soup was perfect for the cold, rainy day. Add a slice of thick bread, and that would have been sufficient. The platter was bigger than I thought. While delicious, it was just too much food. I should have stuck to just my soup.



Tonight’s dinner menu was a bit harder to select from. Nothing really appealed to me, but perhaps I was not hungry from the late lunch. Our amuse bouche was a fried caper with vegetarian tartar. From the menu, I selected the potato crusted mascarpone cheese as my starter, the seared mahi as my entree, and the Esterhazy cake for dessert.

The first course reminded me of a cheesy hashed brown potato cake, and was quite good. While beautifully presented, but I didn’t expect the mahi to be bacon wrapped. The bacon was undercooked and therefore wasn’t a fan. Undercooked bacon made the entree hard to cut, which I didn’t care for.

For dessert, the staff also brought out a surprise dessert for our table to share. It was like a white chocolate bon-bon. It was quite delicious.   I’m not a huge fan of desserts, so I wasn’t sure about the Esterhazy cake. I had one bite of the cake and paired it with herbal tea, and that was sufficient.