Viking Var Day 3: Regensburg

The second stop of this cruise is Regensburg, a medieval city with Roman walls dating back to 179 A.D. Our basic tour was a 2- hour walking tour from the old city walls to the city center at the Cathedral. The optional tour was the Weltenburg Abbey and a cruise on the Danube Gorge from 8:30-1:00 for €49,00 per person. Passengers who took this tour also were able to do the included walking tour at 2:30 pm.

Our local guide, Sebastian took us along the river bank to a part where the city walls dates back to Roman times.


We walked through the many narrow cobble stoned streets, and spied the Cathedral spires from all parts of the city. One historical stop was on the former resident of Oskar Schnindler, a man who helped 1200 Jews during World War II.

Once out of the maze of narrow, but colorful streets, we stopped at Heidplatz, a square in the city and then made our way to the City Hall.

Helpful tip: in the Heidplatz square, you can pick up T-mobile hotspot for free, and it was a fast wifi connection, too.

Sebatian stopped and stood in front of City Hall, where was a black rod showing how wealthy Regensburg was. The black shoe looking object in the wall is the Country’s standard, and the black rod is what Regensburg contributes.

We continued down toward the Stone Bridge, but didn’t stop there as Sebastisn said to visit on our own, as its under construction and could not accommodate a large group. We were also told to the right of the bridge is a Bratwusrthäusle, dating back 800 years. It’s the oldest place selling bratwurst, and their 3 in a bun rivals that of the ones we had in Nürnberg yesterday.

Our tour ended at the Cathedral, and we had the rest of the day to explore.


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