Fullerton: Hapa Cupcakes 

Alcohol infused cupcakes? Sure!  Hapa Cupcakes is located in downtown Fullerton, off Harbor Blvd and Amerige Avenue, next door to Ice Bomb. I’ve seen my foodie friends check in here and rave about the cupcakes, yet I never went out of my way to try one… until last Friday when I stumbled onto the place as I was playing (don’t laugh) PokemonGo.

I must live under a rock, as I did not know this was a “famous” cupcake shop, featured on the Food Network on Cupcake and Cake Wars. I walked in around 7:30 pm and there was only 1 customer ahead of me, ordering boxes of cupcakes like they were free. I am not a fan of alcohol infused stuff but my Stephen is, and I quickly called him to select a flavor. He chose the Kahlua Mocha. As I was ringing up the order, the girl said the Chocolate Caramel Whiskey was her favorite. Sold! Add another one to the box.

I took the box home and Stephen gasped O-M-G as he took his first and second bite. He loved the cupcake so much, we went back on Labor Day to pick up 3 more alcohol infused ones, and a green tea for me, which was amazing as well.

Not the cheapest in town, but priced about as much as any gourmet bakery. They also have a frequent club, where you give them your phone number. I’d suggest using your cell phone, as now I have 2 accounts by accident, when I had them text me my receipt to my phone, but the original account was my home number.

Thumbs up. There’s parking adjacent to their building, along the street, and if you still can’t find parking, go to the structure across from the Amtrak / Old Spaghetti factory and walk.

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