Orange: $1.50 Taco Tuesdays at Tilted Kilt 

I’m always looking out for Taco Tuesday specials, and never knew that Tilted Kilt had one. As we were leaving Tilted Kilt after a Ducks watch party, I spied the advertisement. So, last Tuesday, Karen and I decided to check out their Taco Tuesday (which also landed during Happy Hour).


The tacos were “street size” and at only $1.50 each, I ordered 1 of each: the pork, ground beef, carne asada (steak) and chicken, served with pico de gallo and salsa.  The pork was probably my favorite. It was tender and smoky.  The steak was probably my least favorite, which surprises me.  Overall, a good deal on Taco Tuesday.

We added a side of fluffy onion rings and chips n salsa, and with 2 sodas, our bill came to under $25 with tip.

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