Anaheim, CA: The “Max” Fastpass at DCA

While having lunch at Carthay Circle, I decided to purchase the “Max” Fastpass, a new feature offered by Disneyland Resort. A regular Fastpass is free, but you need to go to the actual attraction location to get a ticket which will “hold your place in line”.  The Max version cost $10 per person, and you pay for the pass on your phone.

img_3941For our first fastpass, we selected the Toy Story Mania for the 1:30-2:30 timeslot. I thought you can pick the time you want, like a reservation.  The Max fastpass is issued by the first available timeslot.  Then, you can get additional timeslots for other attractions once your time limit has expired.  For my first fastpass, I was not able to get another reservation until 1:23 pm.

To access the Max Fastpass, open your app on your phone and select the attraction.  The Fastpass is not accessible until the reservation time.  Everyone must be present to use this pass, especially if the one person has everyone’s pass as a group.


At the attraction there’s a kiosk where you “tap” in.  For those with regular Fastpass will need to use their ticket or annual pass first, then use their Fastpass ticket.  For the Max Fastpass users, you simply tap in with the phone. img_3981

When you reach a certain point in the queue, you “tap” in again.  This probably insures that there’s no line jumpers.  For the Toy Story Mania, the Fastpass allowed us to cut the line tremendously, and we waited a mere 10 minutes for this attraction.

Our second attraction was Soarin’ Around the World, which we booked while waiting for Toy Story.  The wait was a little bit longer, but still much shorter than the regular line. img_3979

We didn’t take full advantage of the Max Fastpass, but even though we only used 2 attractions, it was worth the price we paid.  After Soarin’ we made our way to Disneyland, rode the train, walked around Fantasyland, before heading home.