Rolling Hills, CA: the Original Red Onion

I grew up in Palos Verdes area, and passed by this place hundreds of times as I ran errands, went to my dentist, or (remember this) get my photos from Longs Drugs. Fast forward 30 years, and my parents wanted to take Stephen out for his birthday. Rather than having them travel to Orange County, I went closer to home and to the Original Red Onion.

Despite the mixed reviews, I do think the place is a bit pricey for gringo Mexican food, but my “roast beef” burrito was delicious and I even had leftovers. The burrito combo, served wet was like an oversized enchilada… pure meat, no fillers (unless you order the taco burrito) and served with 2 sides (I chose the typical rice and beans).

My mom had the Chile Relleno/ Tamale combo, while my dad had the 2 enchiladas combo. I thought the 2 enchiladas was a bit skinny, but my dad seemed to like it. Meanwhile, Stephen had the mole which was very good, and had just enough heat.

Parking located on the street but they have a big lot in the back. No reservations for any parties less than 4, but on a Saturday night at 7:00, there was no wait. They must have remodeled their place, as some of the yelp photos had some really outdated furniture. We sat to the right of the hostess station and the lighting was great, but the booths were a bit cramped for 4 people.  Thumbs up, and I’d get my burrito again.