Aberlour, Scotland: Our AirBnb and dinner at The Mash Tun

After the Castle, we drove around the Highlands before heading to our AirBnb located in Aberlour, which is also home to a whiskey distillery (which unfortunately didn’t have time to visit).  The AirBnB was located in the middle of no where, and there were no signs to direct us to the home.  Fortunately, the owner gave specific directions, such as the ‘blue trash can’ to turn into the road.

The host suggested a place in town for dinner called the Mash Tun, which is also one of the vessel used to smash the grains in the brewing process in alcohol.  The place was also not easy to find, but thanks to the street savvy friends of mine, we found this tiny restaurant and whiskey bar.

The food was delicious, and surprisingly affordable!  Dinner for 4, with multiple drinks came to under 80 pounds.

After dinner, we made our way back to the AirBnb, and pretty much went straight to bed.  It was a long day, considering we were still jet lagged, and had an early start.  Tomorrow should less stressful, as we will visit a whiskey distillery and a shortbread factory.


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