Dundee, Scotland: APEX City Quay Hotel

By the time we got to Dundee, Scotland, it was close to 2:00 am. Yvonne booked us at Malmaison Hotel, only to discover (at 2:00) they overbooked and had no room for us. Thankfully, the hotel did move our reservation to the APEX, located down the street, and breakfast was also included. After Yvonne and Steve dropped us off at our “new” hotel, we decided to have a late start of 10:30 am so that all of us could have some rest.

The APEX was a very nice hotel, quite large compared to many European hotels we’ve stayed at. There were plenty of storage space, a sitting area, and of course a kettle with teas and chocolate. Even the breakfast was good. We had the choice of a buffet or a made to order breakfast. Since my friends were picking us up at 10:30, we chose the quicker buffet, which still had hot and cold food selections.

Good bye, Dundee! We’re off to the Highlands and to find Nessie