Edinburgh: The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is the road that connects the Edinburgh Castle and the Palace Holyrood. After exploring the castle, we decided to stroll the mile and check out the shops along the walk.  While exploring, we stumbled across the University of Edinburgh, hidden just off the path of the Royal Mile.

One particular shop that caught my eye was called OINK, a Scottish Roast Hog restaurant that sold pork sandwiches.  The store was only opened until 5:00, so I picked up a pork sandwich to eat later.

We eventually made it to the end of the Royal Mile, which deadends at the Palace Holyrood, Parliament, and the base of Arthur’s Seat.

After reaching the end of the Mile, we made a U-turn and headed back up the way we came.  We bumped into other quirky things on our way back up, including a statue of a Scottish poet, and a store that sells Edinburgh’s claim to fame: the deep fried Mars bar.