Las Vegas: Gritz Café (@gritzcafe)

I’ve had this place bookmarked for the longest time.  They serve fried chicken, waffles and grits… sinful, comfort food.  The reviews on yelp said the place is tiny, a bit slow (as they cook to order) and terribly busy on weekends.

For my visit, I came on a Tuesday at 11:15, right before a normal lunch rush.  When I walked in, I was relieved to see there were a few empty tables.  Yelpers weren’t kidding. This place had 9 or 10 tables, and no where to really stand if you were waiting for food or a table.  There were a few tables outside, and fortunately it wasn’t hot that day. The staff greeted us, and handed us a menu.

I narrowed my choice to the Kentucky: wings + 2 sides, which I chose grits and yams.  An order of grits came with 1 topping, so I chose bacon… truly not a healthy meal, is it?Stephen chose the Louisiana Hot Link sausage, scrambled eggs, and grits with bacon AND cheese (0.75 more for an extra topping).  He chose cornbread while I chose a biscuit.

The food took about 20 minutes, and while we waited, we were served our drinks. Sweet tea for me, diet coke for Stephen.  She even stopped to give us refills.  Top notch service. The meal was delicious, and not overly greasy.  It didn’t look like a lot of food, but it took a while for me to finish it… and I was truly full all day. Even when we had a late dinner at 9:30, I wasn’t really that hungry.  I’ll be back for more, but will visit only if it’s mid-week.  The boss lady said if you come on weekends, show up at 7:00 am or be prepared to wait!

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