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Downey, CA: Bob’s Big Boy Broiler

Located in the city of Downey, California, this nostalgic diner is a converted used car sales dealership, and was saved from being demolished by becoming a Historic landmark.  The inside has that 1950s “Happy Days” look, where you can have a malt at the counter, where the tables […]

Orange: Carnitas Los Reyes

Carnitas Los Reyes is located at 273 S Tustin Street in Orange, California.  It is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop restaurant, at the end of a congested strip mall hidden behind an Arco gas station.  Inside has about 9 tables, and usually a line out the door […]

Aki Home: Fullerton

Aki-Home reminded me of an upscale Daiso, where many products were in Japanese, and there were kitchen knick knacks like dishes to pots and pans, to cheap knives. It also had the feel of a Home Good, where you could get sheets, towels, blankets, dishes, and office supplies […]

Cortina’s: Anaheim, CA

I’ve had this place bookmarked, like, forever! Whenever I get a craving for a meatball sandwich, it always seem to be on a Sunday, and unfortunately, Cortina’s is closed on Sundays. I didn’t have lunch and wanted something hearty for dinner. It was a Friday, and I remembered […]

Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA

On Friday, August 21, my friend Anita got a group together for an Angels baseball game.  What was even more of a surprise was it was Stephen’s first Major League baseball game… ever!  He has been to an MLB stadium, but going to a Ducks vs Kings hockey […]

Bruxie, Brea, CA

Bruxie is a casual dining restaurant, best known for their gourmet waffle sandwiches, called a Bruxie. What is a Bruxie? Bruxie is a new take on The Sandwich, using a creative version of an authentic Belgian Waffle as the bread. The waffle is light, airy, crispy, and not […]

August 20 at Food Truck Haven

The Food Truck Haven is a lot that opened up earlier this month, serving up lunch and dinner on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  They are located across from the Outlets of Orange, just off the 5 freeway and Chapman. The food trucks that were serving dinner today were: […]

Anaheim Pet and Feed

 This is the place to go if you are looking for non commercial pet food products. If you want Friskies, Purina, or such, there’s a PetSmart located 1 block away.  If you want to splurge and get your pet quality food, that you can’t find at a […]

Curry House

Curry House is owned by House Foods, famous for their prepackaged tofu in the grocery stores. They also make sauces, including curry.  They have restaurant locations throughout California, with 3 locations in Orange County: Irvine, Santa Ana, and this one in Cypress. They have a Curry House email […]

Blaze: Build your own pizza

Build-Your-Own Pizza places are now all the rage.  You literally tell the employee what you want, and they make your pizza in an assembly line type format like Subway or Chipotle.  There’s a bunch in Orange County, from Pieology, Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Rev, Pizza Studio, and Blaze Pizza. […]

Alhambra: Ohana Brewing Co.

Ohana Brewing Company is a tiny place located in downtown Alhambra, off Main and 7th, behind 38 Degrees. It’s a tasting place where you can sample up to 4 beers, and you can buy most beers using a growler.  We stopped by after a fantastic lunch at Grill […]

Cooking on paper, at Paper Pot Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese hot pot dish, where you cook thinly sliced meats and vegetables in hot seasoned water or broth.  The term Shabu means “swish” in Japanese, because the meat cooks very fast, and is traditionally cooked in a metal pot either individually or family style. […]

Berkeley and Napa Valley, CA

Virgin America was having a special rate to kick off their LAX to SJC (San Jose) route, a buy one-get one free! I couldn’t resist such a deal, that I booked the trip, and found a weekend deal on Jetsetter at the Lafayette Park Hotel located midway between […]


Peet’s Coffee originated in Berkeley, Ca and Stephen wanted to check out his favorite coffee house.  After coffee, we were heading to a Crepe place when we saw a line at a pizza place. We didn’t know anything about it, but took a gamble and stood in line. […]

Comedy at Icehouse Pasadena

In the past, I’ve thought Engineers were like my dad. Dry. Dull. Unbearable to be with. I got to work with many in the past. I never paid any attention to them.  Well, today I took Jeff, my weird but loveable Enginerd, to see one of his favorite comics perform […]

Brodard Restaurant

Brodards Restaurant claims they’re a hidden gem in Orange County.  It definitely is a gem… but I wish it was more hidden.  There’s usually a wait, especially on weekends.  Their specialty is their spring rolls, which is a rice wrapper filled with a sliced vietnamese pork sausage, cucumber, fresh lettuce, […]