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Passau: Marmaladen-Haus

Passau has a lot of neat little shops, and we stumbled on one while trying to find our way back to the Viking bus. Stephen immediately recognized the Marmalade shop and said its well known. It was featured on travel shows as things to check out in Passau, […]

There’s Lebkuchen in Passau!?

It’s well known that Nurenburg is famous for Lebkuchen. Supposedly Passau is also known for the “gingerbread” cookies, which surprised us. What was more surprising was finding a lebkuchen shop that hailed from Nuremburg in the city of Passau. Stephen recognized the company and said Alpine Village in […]

Viking Var day 4: Passau

Passau is a city in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is also called the Three River City because there are three rivers in the city, and was an important trading city.  The Viking Var had to bus us from Regensburg to Passau, and we kicked off our visit with […]

Regensburg,Germany: The Stone Bridge

During our walking tour, our guide Sebastian didn’t detour our group here, but suggested we visit on our own. For one thing, parts of the bridge is covered in scaffolding and being renovated. He told us to walk to the middle for a great photo opportunity. So after the […]

Munich: Nuss-Michel is a nutty store

If you haven’t noticed on this trip, we’ve spent a lot of time at the Munich Central Train Station. After our heavy dinner at Rubenbauer, we decided to wander around the Train station. We came across Nuss-Michel, which is a little kiosk in the middle of the train station. […]

Munich: Linderhof Palace

The late King Ludwig II had this palace built between 1874-1878. It is south of Munich, taking a little over an hour to get there. There were tour busses, so it’s definitely a tourist destination, but not busy as the popular Neuschwanstein castle. We went on a rainy Tuesday […]

San Francisco: Soma StrEATfood

While gathering information for lookingforfoodtrucks, I came across this daily food truck gathering in San Francisco. It is a permanent fixture in SoMa, and looks like its a great place to check out the next time I am in the Bay Area! Most of the food truck gatherings […]

$1,492 Jackpot at Valley View Casino

Wow this month of July has given me some great rewards and surprises. Earlier this month I won a 7-day Mercedes E class car rental with Sixt and on Sunday, I hit my very first casino jackpot!  Yes, I have won decent payouts at the casinos before, but never over $1199, where […]