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Night 5: dinner on Viking Var

Walking almost 10 miles can really work up an appetite. The dinner was not as hearty as I would have liked, but it served its purpose. Today would have been a great day for pizza. The amuse bouche was a chicken wing with a spicy curry powered of […]

Vienna: Figlmüller’s schnitzel

In Germany, you can get a schnitzel anywhere, but few can say they had one at the famous Figlmüller in Vienna. There’s 2 locations and both are less than 2 minutes walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. After our city tour, we found the original one tucked inside an […]

The city of Vienna, Austria  

Viking Var, Day 5 … Vienna was once the seat of the Hapsburg Monarchy, and the center of the Holy Roman empire.  Vienna was the leader in music, art, architecture and the Capitol of Austria. Sigmund Freud, Mozart and anyone who was anyone in the (classical) music world […]

Austria: Melk Abbey 

Melk Abbey was built between 1702 and 1736 by Jakob Prandtauer, and is possibly the most famous Abbey in Austria. It was originally a royal palace, and in the 11th century, Leopold II  presented the palace to the Benedictine monks. This monastery is more than 900 years old, and […]

Being flexible passengers on Viking Var

Good morning! When traveling, it’s good to have a hearty breakfast, and to be flexible. Based on what we experienced yesterday in Passau, we realized our cruise was dependent on some key elements: the water level, patience and being on time.  Apparently, our late departure from Passau made […]

Passau: Marmaladen-Haus

Passau has a lot of neat little shops, and we stumbled on one while trying to find our way back to the Viking bus. Stephen immediately recognized the Marmalade shop and said its well known. It was featured on travel shows as things to check out in Passau, […]

There’s Lebkuchen in Passau!?

It’s well known that Nurenburg is famous for Lebkuchen. Supposedly Passau is also known for the “gingerbread” cookies, which surprised us. What was more surprising was finding a lebkuchen shop that hailed from Nuremburg in the city of Passau. Stephen recognized the company and said Alpine Village in […]

Viking Var day 4: Passau

Passau is a city in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is also called the Three River City because there are three rivers in the city, and was an important trading city.  The Viking Var had to bus us from Regensburg to Passau, and we kicked off our visit with […]

A BUS trip to Passau, Germany?

Who knew that Europe was suffering a drought like California? Ok, perhaps not that bad but the river water levels are low, which is affecting the river cruises.  Viking River Cruise has experienced low water levels and as of today, our ship is waiting to hear what the […]

Night 3 dinner on Viking Var

The theme tonight was mushrooms, and lots of it! The amuse bouche was a fried mushroom with pineapple salsa. For my starter, I had the mushroom soup, which was a consommé.  For some reason I thought it would be cream soup. Entree choice was pork medallions with dessert the […]